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Two Unbridgeable Computers in one, one for internet and one for work 10 29 2010

A computer with dual unbridgeable sides, work and Internet.

Most all of the problems related to computers going down via infection are due to a virus acquired through the Internet.

Here is how we resolve this and save billions of lost down time and wasted work hours in our country and therefore become more profitable.

We need our computers of the future to have an Internet side and a work side.  Under no circumstances can the work side be compromised by the Internet side. 

Each side would have different and discrete physical switches on the computer.  Most computers have more than one hard drive today so this would be one way to design this.  But there should also be a way whereby a computer has an operating system for the Internet and one for work, (Work being, writing, excel, photo editing etc.) And the compromise of one operating system on the same hard drive as the work side does not affect the work side in any way.

All material downloaded would be scanned immediately after downloaded on the Internet side.
Any material downloaded from the Internet could be scanned and saved to a memory key.

I do not want it to even be this easy to compromise but the computer could have two wired Ethernet sockets one only for Internet and one only for work networks.  The networked socket could indeed not accept an Internet connection, some kind of distinction could be made here, perhaps it could be as easy as to say that the wires in the Ethernet cable could be crossed differently between the Internet and network work sides.  So that upon a Internet cable is plugged into the work side a warning on the screen tells to plug in the other socket.  Or perhaps the incoming feed wire or wires from the Internet cable would terminate at the network work side and no connection therefore could ever be established because there was no electrical contact for that wire at the network work socket.

When the computer is switched off and then on to the other operating system, anything in memory would be cleared out so that it had no way of affecting the work side, and to a lessor extent vice versa.

This would save the country billions in productivity, but who am I ever to offer good suggestions.

Very little design changes would have to be made, except for the two switches and some gate issues related to the microchips, it could be done quite easily, and should be done.

It should be made a law that all computers should have to be made with a physical switch to turn off the Internet at the Ethernet socket.  Such switches would have to undergo testing to military standards as to reliability.

A consortium needs to be put in place to address this.

I will repeat under no circumstances can a connection from the work side to the Internet side ever be "Bridged".  It would not be a hard concept to achieve if intelligent thought and design was put to it.

A laptop would not have to be made any bigger to accomplish this and neither would a desktop.

Wireless internet will never be secure because any communications stream can always be captured mid air and decoded, this is a reality the computer and software industry must just accept.  Also if there is a way to capture signals via detecting signals on the cable line or radiation on the screen simple measure should be put in place to prevent this, such as a random wire signal line or anti-emf technology in the screens and screen backings.

The work and intellectual property of this country, The United States of America needs to be a lot more secure and this is the way.

Get Busy and earn your money by helping us this way Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!

God Bless Those Who have to think for Others

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Blog Introduction 10 29 2010

I created this blog to impart my intellectual knowledge of the computer and software industry and how it could be made better.

I have built three desktop computers from scratch so I no what I am talking about.  I also use Word and Excel professionally.  There is not a single person who has used a computer today that has had problems with them and has wasted time and productivity because of this.
For far too long we have been playing into the week hands of the computer industry by putting up with their weakness.

In my 10 29 2010 blog I will suggest a remedy for the inherent weakness in the computers of today.  Any other industry that put forth as unreliable product as the computer would have went bankrupt long ago, this tells you of the amount of waste these companies have caused our country.  I will also publish a list of suggestions to Microsoft that I sent to the company years ago.

It is like a sick game how we have to cater to the IT industry to get things done.  IT industry professional without jobs then seek to infect our PC's.  In most other industries the intellect does not turn against the industry itself as this one does.  Or is the intellect that I say that turns against itself really the planned part of a new life cycle to products.  One of these things that is hard to prove.  But we can see the forest for the trees here.
I created this blog to help computer and software makers develop new computers that have less down time and are more productive.  As I said  I have desinged and built many computers from scratch myself so I know what I am talking about in terms of transforming idealism to reality in terms of computer design.

If my protocols for the design of new computers were intellectual pool that goes into fixing computers today would need to be reallocated to do something else, something that utilizes that intellect.

God Bless Those Who Know Right From Wrong and Are not Afraid to Say So

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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