Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog Introduction 10 29 2010

I created this blog to impart my intellectual knowledge of the computer and software industry and how it could be made better.

I have built three desktop computers from scratch so I no what I am talking about.  I also use Word and Excel professionally.  There is not a single person who has used a computer today that has had problems with them and has wasted time and productivity because of this.
For far too long we have been playing into the week hands of the computer industry by putting up with their weakness.

In my 10 29 2010 blog I will suggest a remedy for the inherent weakness in the computers of today.  Any other industry that put forth as unreliable product as the computer would have went bankrupt long ago, this tells you of the amount of waste these companies have caused our country.  I will also publish a list of suggestions to Microsoft that I sent to the company years ago.

It is like a sick game how we have to cater to the IT industry to get things done.  IT industry professional without jobs then seek to infect our PC's.  In most other industries the intellect does not turn against the industry itself as this one does.  Or is the intellect that I say that turns against itself really the planned part of a new life cycle to products.  One of these things that is hard to prove.  But we can see the forest for the trees here.
I created this blog to help computer and software makers develop new computers that have less down time and are more productive.  As I said  I have desinged and built many computers from scratch myself so I know what I am talking about in terms of transforming idealism to reality in terms of computer design.

If my protocols for the design of new computers were intellectual pool that goes into fixing computers today would need to be reallocated to do something else, something that utilizes that intellect.

God Bless Those Who Know Right From Wrong and Are not Afraid to Say So

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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